Graduating in Fatherhood

“On my honor, I will give my children my time, my love and my heart. I will be an example of a good man to my children and others around me. I will be an involved, responsible and communicative father. From this day forward, I pledge to be the best father I can be.”

The faith-based program is 12 weeks long. The fathers meet once a week for two hours, learning different tools to help them in their fatherhood journey. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in America live in homes in which the biological father is absent.

“There’s so many statistics about kids who grow up without a father and how that negatively affects them. We wanted to address that and remind dads that they are vital to their kids,” Hulsey said. “I think there’s more of a push now to help dads understand they’re important and that they can make or break the life of their child by their involvement with them.”

Each graduate received a framed certificate and Satterfield said a few personal words about each father. Next, everyone read a letter they wrote to their children

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