John Legend Talks First-Time Fatherhood!

Skilled musician John Legend hopes that he has skills in the parenting department once wife Chrissy Teigen gives birth to their first little bundle of joy next year.

“I really hope we’ll be good parents!” he told People magazine. “I hope our child will be kind and smart and awesome in every way. Hopefully we’ll do the best job we can.” The couple tied the knot in 2013 after six years of dating and announced they were adding onto their family this past October. The duo quickly became the #RelationshipGoals of many, possibly due to Teigen giving fans frequent glimpses into their lives through the power of Instagram, the app in which she shared her pregnancy news.

“It is pretty exciting that I’ll have a little child running around that is the product of the love that Chrissy and I have for each other,” the singer, who recently performed at Hillary Clinton’s birthday fundraiser, explained. Teigen has been open about the couple’s struggles to conceive, but thankfully they’ve persevered. We’re sure they’re going to be fantastic parents.(

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